Charleston Homebuilding

Dynamic Design-Build has years of hands-on experience in construction remodeling and renovation.

Whether your needs require traditional on-site construction or a home that is partially built off site we are uniquely capable. We use 3 Dimensional Computer Design and Project Estimating and Management Technologies to help us ensure that your home will be all that you had hoped for.

Whether this is your first home, an investment property, a vacation home or a lovely home where you will retire, DDB can handle the entire process from the initial layout ideas to the day that you move in!

We believe that attention to detail is what separates the dreams from the nightmares in construction. We also believe that the most important part of the process is excellent planning.

Many of the costly mistakes made by contractors are caused by poor planning and miscommunication about design between the client, the designer and the builder as well as dozens of subcontractors and vendors.

Cost overruns are often the result of poor planning as well, and can drive the true cost of the project up beyond what the client expected when contractors do not effectively communicate to the client what is truly necessary for completion of the project.

This is where the Design-Build process excels! We can work directly with the client on the design of the home as well as the coordination and completion of the entire project, minimizing the possibility of miscommunication between the parties involved.

We also use excellent design and estimating technology that will help prevent problems during construction that result in cost overruns.

With our wealth of experience and technology, can truly be your full service Custom Home project management team, allowing you the peace of mind that your home will be completed the way that you dreamed that it would be on time and within the budget!